The Connaught Lifestyle

Imagine owning the ultimate Range Rover.


The Connaught 12, a car hand made by the very best of British innovative craftsmen. Created to allow you to experience the country lifestyle, and to subtly exhibit the ultimate in taste and quality.


Inspired by the Motorsport success of the 1950’s, the country pursuits and lifestyle of today…then throw in some youthful exuberance and great British designers and you have the Connaught 12.


Contemporary, Modern, Classic…Exclusive


More than a century has passed since Edwin John Churchill set up his gunmaking workshop in London in 1891, laying the foundations of a name that now sees E.J. Churchill as one of the world’s finest gunmakers.

E.J. Churchill is thriving today. Led by passionate sportsmen and women, it remains the largest gunmaker in British hands. The style, elegance, reliability and technical innovation of Churchill guns make them the natural choice for the keen shot.


Sasta are a leading expert on hunting and hiking wear. Sasta’s advantage begins where maintained roads and easy paths end. When you need to be able to count on your outdoor gear absolutely, you can rely on Sasta.
Sasta is known for its classics and innovative products alike. The heart of Sasta products lies in their functionality, durability, and high-quality materials (such as Gore-Tex®, Windstopper®, and BuzzX fabrics). The products are designed and tested in the actual conditions in which they are used.
Sasta have made it there task to make sure that you will never be completely at nature’s mercy – even in the most challenging of conditions.


Originally a manufacturer of fishing and shooting bags, John Chapman makes hand crafted canvas, leather and tweed bags for travel, leisure, business and sporting activities. We make all our bags in our Tannery Road factory in Carlisle, Cumbria, part of an old industrial site dating back over 300 years. We like to use high quality natural materials of British origin wherever possible.